Frequently Asked Questions

Is the degree completed entirely online?

Yes, our programs are fully online, with no residential requirements whatsoever. Students are not required to come to campus at any point during the program.


How does an online class work?

Courses are eight weeks in length. All our courses are asynchronous, meaning that while students are expected to be actively engaged with course materials on assigned days, they are not required to be in class at a specific time during the day. Course assignments can be submitted any time until 11:59p MT on the days they are due.


What are the weekly time demands of completing an online class?

Students are expected to log in and participate five out of seven days per week. Most students indicate they spend between 20-25 hours per week in our online courses. Much of this time is spent in reading and writing assignments, which do not require the student to be online.


What does it mean to be in a cohort or learning community?

Our degree programs are built around a learning community comprised of 12-20 students. These students progress together through their program, one course at a time. A significant element in our online learning communities is the depth of trust and relationship that is established through the cohort approach.


Is the program for pastors only?

Not at all. While many of our online students may serve presently in ministry, others are not yet in ministry assignments and still others are laypersons who enroll for their own personal growth. Over the years we have had students who were lawyers, dentists, teachers, and laypersons from other walks of life in our programs. We have even had students graduate in their late 60s after enrolling for their own edification.


Is financial aid available?

Yes. Federal financial aid is available to U.S. students who qualify. NNU also offers a zero interest monthly payment plan and tuition discounts to assigned Nazarene clergy and missionaries.


What are the requirements for admission?

The requirements for admission include a minimum age of 23 and a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 in all academic course work. Those with less than a 2.5 GPA may apply for provisional acceptance. Please look over our admission requirements for more information.


What is Canvas?

Canvas is the name of NNU's online learning management platform where our online courses reside. Students access Canvas at Password and login information will be given to students once they are registered in their particular program.


What kind of technical requirements are required in terms of computer hardware?

In order to access course materials, students need a computer with a reliable and fast Internet connection. An inexpensive webcam and microphone are highly recommended so students can teleconference informally with their professors, colleagues, and GTOE staff as needed. NNU's Technology & Media Resources Center maintains a help desk at and is happy to field questions from prospective students about specific computer configurations.


How do I begin the application process?

To begin the application process simply complete our online application.